Barack Obama:
A Great Father and Husband

Barack Obama with his daughters, Malia (left) and Sasha

Barack Obama Family
The Obama Family:
The beautiful Michelle; Barack;
and their beautiful daughters, Malia (upper right),
and Sasha (with the big smile!)

Barack Obama: A Great Father and Husband

By Staff

By ALL accounts Barack Obama is a great father and a great husband. And it is wonderful to see such a fine man, who is grounded in his family, ascending to the presidency.

You see, Barack Obama has his priorities in order: he works diligently as a politician, but always ensures that there is adequate quality time for his children and wife.

So, Barack Obama is not only an intelligent man, a great politician, a great leader, and a great American; but he is also a great family man.

And he is EXACTLY the type of person we need as president!

Barack Obama and His Children
The Obama Family