David Plouffe
Barack Obama's Campaign Manager

David Plouffe

By Staff

David Plouffe is Barack Obama's campaign manager, and he has been doing a spectacular job in keeping the Obama campaign on course.

Plouffe has extensive campaign experience and is currently a partner in the Chicago-based political consulting firm AKP&D media, a firm that he joined in 2000, and then became a full partner with in 2004 (the same year he served as a top strategist to Dick Gephardt in his Presidential bid).

Prior to joining AKP&D, Plouffe served as executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (1999-2000); it was in this capacity that he helped raise a record $95 million for House races across the country.

He also served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Richard Gephardt (1997-1998); as Campaign Manager for Bob Torricelli’s run for U.S. Senate (1996); as Campaign Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (1995); as Campaign Manager for Charlie Oberly’s run for U.S. Senate (1994); as Campaign Manager for John Olver’s re-election bid to the House (1992); as State Field Director for Senator Tom Harkin’s Presidential campaign (1992); and as Deputy Field Director in Harkin’s run for U.S. Senate (1990).

As you can see, Plouffe has the resume that makes him a heavyweight campaign manager in anyone’s book.

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